Perfume, Xenobiotics, and Perfino

Perfume, Xenobiotics, and Perfino

There is a joy in feeling that you have a ‘signature’ perfume, or being complimented that you ‘smell good’.
Unfortunately there is a problem...
Modern-day perfumes contain a lot of chemicals. There are currently over 3000 ingredients used within perfumes 2 3 and unfortunately, these can cause a variety of issues.

November 20, 2023
Spring and Consumerism - Environmentally Conscious ways to enjoy Easter.

Spring and Consumerism - Environmentally Conscious ways to enjoy Easter.

As we’re transitioning into spring, Easter weekend gradually approaches. Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind and connect with loved ones over the long weekend. 
March 27, 2023
What we think about Black Friday

What we think about Black Friday

A tribute to Haeckels for its vision and values in challenging the run of the mill approach to the impending Black Friday fervour.

This Friday Haeckels are not discounting.
Instead they are clearing the shelves in their stores to promote sustainable small businesses.
November 22, 2022
large porcelain nose art work

Celebrating the sense of smell – top 10 scents

It’s in the air. A certain exhilaration has come upon us as we look forward to a post covid spring, the future, and enjoying life at its fullest.

For me there is one thing that I really want to celebrate and that is the sense of smell, for those of us who still have it and no longer feel at threat of losing it.

February 18, 2022
chanel no 5 ad with nicole kidman

Why are perfume adverts so weird?

Well, it seems that you combine a celebrity with a large fan base, top quality visuals and sound, and more than a hint of sexual possibility, all of which position the fragrance as a luxury product…but none of which help you to know what it smells like… and you will certainly never know what is in it.
February 16, 2022