Driven by


Quality - Transparency - Sustainability

Perfino exists to solve a problem

To provide a sustainable way for people to enjoy the magical smells of nature in a natural way.
Our commitment to sustainability is paramount in all we do and the spirit in which it is done.

Quality - We support real craftspeople and believe that the expertise and love they bring to their craft produces exquisite pieces which are of the best quality, well made, and designed to last. Our jewellery is of the highest quality in design and production, using only recycled silver and gold vermeil. All our natural essential oils and blends are top grade with full traceability, and are farmed and produced by real people who we know are treated fairly.

Transparency – We aim for full transparency and the disclosure of all ingredients in our essential oil blends, as well as the journey/provenance of all component parts of the Perfino set.

Sustainability - We are a purpose driven brand aiming to make a positive difference in the world in the product we sell and how we run our business. It is our goal that all packaging is fully compostable and/or recyclable. We are nearly there but this remains under constant review as technologies evolve and provide even better alternatives to traditional recycling methods. Our fully compostable mini scent cards are pioneering in this respect.


Kindness is core to Perfino

We strive to embody a spirit of kindness in all that we do, with the people that we work with, our suppliers and employees. We believe that we need to be kind to ourselves, our bodies, our fellow human beings and the planet.