If you have any questions about Perfino it's quite possible that we have the answers. So to save you time here are the one's we have occasionally encountered:

  • How long does the scent last? When you first apply a drop of essential oil blend people in a radius of around 3 metres can smell it, as can anyone walking behind you as you waft through a door. Over the course of the day the fragrance will subside but you can lift the stone to your nose and still smell it for a week or so, or top it up to refresh.
  • Can I spray my perfume onto the lava stone? Yes you can. It's a messy business (I have tried it) and as 80% or so of perfume is alcohol/ethanol which is there to take it into the air, the fragrance will not last as long as an oil blend.
  • Can I use my own oil blends? Absolutely. We sell the pendant set without oils precisely so you can use your own much loved oils.
  • Which length of chain should I get? The 18" chain is preferred by the more petite, or those who always like a necklace to sit quite short, but I always encourage people to spend the extra for a 24" chain as it gives so much more versatility for layering and adjustment, and the end of the extension looks so pretty from the back.
  • Do you use one stone for each fragrance? You only really need one stone as you can wash out the oils anytime you like with fragrance free washing up liquid and go again with another blend. However it is fun to select the stone colour to compliment what you are wearing...or use a stone for each fragrance.
  • Can I get lava stone replacements from you? Indeed you can, but you shouldn't have to as, having been through a volcanic eruption, they are pretty much indestructible.
  • Does the metal tarnish? All silver will need a brief polish or dip every now and then (which is why we sell individual silver cleaning cloths) but the silver and gold pendants are protected from the essential oils by way of an e-coating will not tarnish.
  • Will the gold wear through? Absolutely not. The 5 layers of 18ct gold (aka vermeil) are on top of solid silver so will not wear through. We have designed our jewellery with a lifetime of wear in mind.
  • Is the silver 925 sterling silver? Indeed it is - but we have not yet paid to get the mark as this is expensive and we are a small (but growing!) business.
  • Can I put your essential oil blends directly onto my skin? This is not advised as they are very strong and some can photosynthesise in the sun which may damage your skin. You can always blend with a carrier oil for use on the skin, or drop onto a hanky, eye mask etc.

If you have any more questions it is quite possible that others do too and we'd love to answer them, so please either use the chat function (bottom right) or email me at kim@perfino.co.uk. I'm happy to help 🌸