What we think about Black Friday
A tribute to Haeckels for its vision and values in challenging the run of the mill approach to the impending Black Friday fervour.

This Friday Haeckels are not discounting.
Instead they are clearing the shelves in their stores to promote sustainable small businesses.

Haeckels do discount - for people who live locally to their main shop in Margate, for people who clean beaches, for people who return packaging...but not just to sell more, but rather to reward consumer behaviour and make a change.

As a small business owner cash flow is king.
It can be the difference between future and failure.
But this time of the year really highlights the "why" of any business and whether you just want people's money, or rather to change their behaviour in a world in real need of change.

At Perfino we are on a mission to change how people wear scent in a way that does no harm to people or planet.

We give regular discounts to subscribers and followers who support our journey, but do not otherwise discount a quality product which exists for good...on Friday, and every other day of the week 🌸
November 22, 2022 — Kim Brookes