Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Our Top 5 gift ideas to promote Self-Care and Wellness by Ella Rose Cleaver
Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mum that you love and support her. Mums can be notoriously bad at stepping back and taking time for themselves, so a gift which promotes relaxation and self-care will likely be something she never knew she needed! We’ve come up with our top 5 gift ideas to promote self-care and wellness for your mum this Mother’s Day, whether she’s the type to always put others before herself, is going through a troublesome time, or you just want to treat her.
​1.Bath oils
Who doesn’t love a self-care bath? Taking the time out of your day to have a long,
uninterrupted bath can be a luxury, but often very much needed. Gifting your mum a bath oil in her favourite scent could be just what she needs. Many oils have additional health benefits, such as lavender oils for relaxation or Eucalyptus for respiratory health, making them the perfect gift to promote wellness.
2. Pottery painting voucher
This gift is ideal for arty mums who love to get creative. Pottery painting is a great
mindfulness activity which allows us to focus on something outside of our hectic
lives. Not only is it fulfilling and relaxing, but also great fun! Whether she chooses to go with family or friends, she’s going to love having that time in her week where she can fully relax and enjoy herself. Both the experience and the finished creation makes this a thoughtful and rewarding gift for your mum this Mother’s day.
3. Self-care package
You can never go wrong with a personalised self-care kit. Think about all your mum’s favourite things, whether that’s food, beauty or fashion related, and maybe throw in some bath salts or a cosy blanket to make it extra special. This is also a great opportunity to get creative - you could find an old box or hamper and decorate it to fill with all your bits and bobs. You could also have a theme - maybe she’s going on holiday soon? The opportunities are endless with this gift, and she’s bound to love it!
4. Yoga starter kit
Yoga is an amazing tool for boosting both physical and mental wellness. If your
mum’s a beginner, a yoga kit will have everything she needs to pick up this new
hobby designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress. If she’s particularly into
health and wellness but relatively new to yoga, this could be a great option.
The Perfino pendant redefines how we wear perfume. By wearing essential oils off
the skin, you create your own wellbeing bubble with scent that lasts all day. You can choose between 3 different blends to boost your mum’s everyday wellness: Calm, Dream, and Energise. Each blend contains carefully curated, 100% natural ingredients which smell amazing and are kind to your skin and the environment. If your mum has sensitive skin or is intolerant to certain fragrances and perfumes, this gift is perfect for her.
March 07, 2023 — Kim Brookes