Is Perfume for everyone? By Ella-Rose Cleaver

Perfume is a significant global market which has remained resilient and successful for hundreds of years and continues to evolve. The industry is increasingly prioritising environmentally conscious practises in response to a growth in demand for “natural” cosmetics. People are more interested than ever in what they are putting in and, on their bodies, with a demand for transparency and the use of “natural” ingredients, to which the industry is responding with a drive towards sustainable sourcing and full disclosure.

Scientific studies show that around 50% of adults in the UK say they have sensitive skin (Pubmed/, often experiencing dryness and irritation, and that this proportion has grown by over 55% in the last two decades. Perfume contains a multiplicity of ingredients which are assiduously regulated by the industry itself. Whether these are natural or synthetic they are all chemicals and are therefore all subject to scrutiny and regulation by the industry. However, it seems that reactions are occurring regardless of chemical regulations, and that these reactions can be further exacerbated by the dehydrating effects of alcohol/ ethanol which make up at least 80% of perfume, and which are needed to “throw” the fragrance. For the up to nine percent of adults who have an allergy to perfume (source: IFRA), wearing perfume on the skin is no longer a viable option.

It is not only the allergic who are looking for an alternative way to wear and enjoy fragrance, but also those undergoing or in recovery from various medical interventions, notably chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These treatments often make the skin drier and more sensitive so caution is advised.

For people who find it challenging to wear perfume on the skin, but still want to enjoy the mood-enhancing benefits of scent, wearing fragrance off the skin is the ideal solution. Kim Brookes spent many years evolving an off-skin scent solution and recently launched Perfino, the innovative natural scent jewellery brand which combines essential oils and quality jewellery to deliver an off-skin perfume experience for the wearer to enjoy regardless of skin sensitivities. 

The Perfino pendant redefines how we wear perfume. It is no longer about throwing fragrance into the air, but rather about creating an experience for the wearer, not for the room but for their own wellbeing. The Perfino customer chooses how they want to feel and selects their essential oil blend accordingly. So, if you want to feel calm while you travel, energised as you start the day, or float into a scent induced dream you can now achieve this however sensitive your skin may be.

March 20, 2023 — Kim Brookes