off skin scent natural

Our skin is an amazing organ, and an incredibly complex one even though it is only a few millimetres thick.

Not only does it protect us from harmful things like moisture, the cold, and sun rays, but it is also capable of absorbing certain chemicals into the bloodstream which can make it an efficient way of applying medical treatment trans-dermally through creams, lotions and patches.

So where does this leave us with scent? We all want to smell great, and traditionally we have done this by spraying a mixture of chemicals onto our skin, As we all have a different body chemistry it's difficult to be absolutely sure how we will react to these chemicals, but with research now showing that around a third of us are intolerant of fragrance it could be time to change our habits.

At Perfino we are developing a more personal way of wearing scent. We do not add alcohol or ethanol to our essential oil blends, which is what traditionally throws the scent into the room. So your Perfino necklace becomes your own personal diffuser.

We also make it possible to “wear” the scent off the skin simply because we cannot know what harm (or benefit!) any chemicals may be doing, and we just don’t want to take this risk.

So there you have it – no table banging but simply an alternative way to smell great which, I hope, will put your mind at ease.

December 02, 2020 — Kim Brookes