kindness as a brand value
kindness as a brand value

Starting small but thinking big...

People ask what our core values are but actually this is not something I have to think too hard about as the entire Perfino brand screams kindness…but not in a shouty way.

Our product serves a purpose, which is to help people enjoy fragrance without putting undisclosed chemical combinations on the skin with unknown consequences. It is also kind to others as the fragrance worn in our natural scent jewellery is not thrown into the room but is for the personal enjoyment of the wearer. Our intention is to be kind to our customers, and those close by.

Our supplies are selected based on kindness – natural ingredients picked and farmed by real people who we know are treated fairly.

Our packaging is as kind to the planet as it can be…although we always strive for improvement and are currently trying hard to find a way to send samples of our fragrances out that is faultless in tis respect.

It is really important to us that everyone we work with is aligned in terms of these values, and that we basically like each other. This makes the hard conversations easier, and the successes more fun.

October 22, 2020 — Kim Brookes