logs denoting conscious capitalism

Although Perfino is very much at the beginning of its journey as a business, we think that it is really important to think through exactly what sort of business we want to be.

The values that underpin our tiny chrysalis of a corporate culture seem to adhere mostly to what is now well known as conscious capitalism. The capitalism bit really relates to a free market where new ideas have a chance to evolve, inspire, and grow, so worthwhile jobs can be created and profits earned to make the business sustainable, or better still, thrive.

The conscious bit touches on how you go about this growth in a way that has a positive impact on everyone involved in the operations of the business, from the people within the company, our suppliers, our customers, and beyond this to its effect on humanity, and the environment.

So to me this starts small with how you treat people with trust and kindness, which makes collaborations far more enjoyable and stress free – fun even! And why not as we only have one life so let’s enjoy it doing something worthwhile. But we also have to be sure at the outset that we are confident that every part of the supply chain also reflects these values, from the treatment of workers on the farms where our essential oils come from, to the sustainability of the forests, the metal supplies, and of course our packaging and distribution. 

There is always work to do here as few businesses, including ours, are completely there yet, but I am convinced that we will nibble away until we get there, and I also think it is important to be honest about this and keep it at the forefront of our minds in all that we do.

So here's to a happier, healthier planet and to all our efforts to make it happen.

December 05, 2020 — Kim Brookes