geraniums and lavender plants growing

This month we are winding down and keeping things simple with the Magic of Three.

The perfume industry has at its disposal over 5000 ingredients, the vast majority being synthetically manufactured and many of which are patented to generate licensing income to the fragrance house that owns the patent – so a big commercial industry.

Essential oils are extracted from biomatter but are not manipulated in the same way. They may vary based on where they are grown, the growing conditions, and how they are extracted, but they are wholly natural, and there are only a few hundred of them in existence. So following on from this theme of simplicity, and empowering our followers and customers to enjoy trying out some recipes for themselves, we thought we’d restrict ourselves to three ingredients this month and see what we could come up with.

We have started with Lavender as we have none of this essential oil in our 3 blends and many of you like it. It is strong, but its two companions in this mix also pack a punch – lemon and rose geranium.

The recipe we have used is:

Lavender                     3 drops

Rose Geranium           3 drops

Lemon                         2 drops

So if you’d like to start blending for yourself, try this one out – it is calming, but won’t send you to sleep.

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