ldc pop up shop poster chelsea

For a start up brand it is always a challenge to get your product physically out there without incurring the full on cost of bricks and mortar. Effecting the know, like, and trust principle is a tough one online, and there is no substitute for the touch, feel, and in the case of Perfino, smell of a product. The significant D2C fairs this year are proving particularly hard to get into as there is a considerable backlog of traders from 2020 events that never happened, although there is a glimmer of hope for truly original brands like Perfino - more to follow:). The big Department stores are taking stock and are traditionally slow to represent new brands - again, more to follow :) but the big opportunity out there, thrown up by so many empty retail units, is the world of Pop ups. Original, fresh, well curated events like those put on by the Lone Design Club...and next week, on the Kings Road, Chelsea, just down from the Saatchi gallery, you can find Perfino - products and Founder - extolling the virtues of natural scent jewellery as one of 30 curated pioneering wellbeing brands.

We hope you will find some time to join us during the week, or better still pop along to the Launch Party on Thursday 19th 6-9 p.m https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lone-design-club-london-launch-party-relax-restore-tickets-162786168813

Please share/ spread the word - see you there :)

August 13, 2021 — Kim Brookes