The benefits of fragrance whilst travelling
For many of us, the excitement of travelling can be overshadowed by travel anxiety. Undoubtedly the airport and flying experience can be stressful, and relieving the unpleasant sensations of motion sickness and apprehension can make the day significantly more enjoyable.
According to studies, specific essential oils can help alleviate typical travel anxiety symptoms, from helping with sleep to opening up your airways. Spearmint and Frankincense are excellent at refreshing your respiratory system and assisting with in-flight congestion. Eucalyptus oil also aids with breathing, as well as being anti-inflammatory and having strong antiviral properties to help fight germs.
Combining these oils with other soothing scents can create the perfect blend to accompany you throughout the day, and allow you to focus on where you are going and what lies ahead.
Many of our customers have fed back that they find Perfino a great solution to anxiety whilst travelling. They tell us that it is great to have a fragrance in your own "wellbeing bubble", one that does not impact those around you, and one that you can easily put on and remove as your moods evolve. 
May 15, 2023 — Kim Brookes