How essential oils can help during the menopause
While the prospect of menopause can be daunting for many women, it is also the doorway to a new chapter of life, one that is completely natural and part of womanhood...and remember that the upside is no more periods!
Some women are lucky enough to breeze through the menopause with no adverse effects, but more than 75% of women will experience symptoms
Studies indicate that certain essential oils can be effective in alleviating the
symptoms of hormone imbalances associated with menopause, including sleep
disturbances, mood changes, impact on libido, and more.
Lavender oil is often praised for promoting relaxation, and thus its ability to help manage sleep disturbances and the subsequent "low" moods which may follow. Low quality sleep is a reality for many women going through menopause, and lack of sleep can often be the most debilitating side effect of all. Lavender oil will help create a sense of calm and promote a more restful and regular sleep schedule.
Studies further indicate that most women will have higher baseline levels of the hormone cortisol during menopause. Elevated cortisol levels over time can lead to anxiety, mood swings, and frequent hot flushes. Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and once again Lavender have been reported as helping to keep cortisol levels stable with their calming properties. 
Other essential oils such as peppermint and most of the citrus oils can energise when energy levels are depleted, and sweet orange and bergamot can help alleviate fatigue and tiredness, providing as lift whilst imparting a sense of calm. 
Life is a journey, and essential oils are here to help at certain points when we feel we need support, but want to be supported naturally.
May 22, 2023 — Kim Brookes