Boost your energy with essential oils
Feeling a bit tired, lacking in energy, can't get into gear?
When you may need that extra boost of strength and confidence, energising scents can increase your focus and reduce fatigue.
Eucalyptus is known to improve respiratory function and ease sore muscles, making it particularly beneficial for sports performance and recovery...although it can smell somewhat clinical and you may not choose to wear this one in your Perfino pendant.
Citrus scents on the other hand, or some of the minty oils and pines can provide a burst of energy, with uplifting properties that can last throughout the day.
Our particular favourites are Spearmint and Cedarwood Atlas, but there are a multitude of citrus fragrances to choose from to the more astringent May Chang to the softer Verbena or even Lime. 
Additionally, research indicates that Rosemary may enhance focus and concentration as well as delivering a burst of energy, but this one is also a bit strong on its own.
At Perfino we blend with oils that we love to bring out their best qualities and to soften some of the harder edges.
So if you require a surge of energy, inner strength or confidence for a sports match, business presentation, public speaking engagement, or just to get going in the morning, an energising scent may be exactly what you need.
May 29, 2023 — Kim Brookes