The healing power of fragrance
Feeling rested and relaxed is crucial for a speedy recovery after an operation. However, the hospital environment can be rife with anxiety and anticipation for many people, which can make achieving a state of calm a bit trickier.
Recent studies have investigated how certain scents can help soothe the physical and mental struggles associated with hospital visits and post-op blues.
Marjoram is said to alleviate the pain of menstrual cramps in patients with primary dysmenorrhea, illustrating its pain-reliving potential.
Lavender, famous for its calming effects, has also been used alongside acupressure massages, to relieve chronic lower back pain, making it a bit of a super-healer in the fragrance world.
Eucalyptus and lemongrass are generally acknowledged to be excellent at opening up the air passages and revitalising the body, making them a great choice for any patients who may be feeling lethargic or lacking in energy.
All these ingredients can help in the healing process by promoting feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation, particularly after experiencing the physical and emotional strain of a hospital stay.
And importantly, if you have been through the trauma of invasive or chemical led procedures such as chemotherapy, it is a relief to be able to enjoy the benefits of fragrance without putting any more chemicals on or in your body.
May 08, 2023 — Kim Brookes