Essential oils and AI

"It's difficult to say exactly how many essential oils exist, as new oils are being discovered and researched all the time. However, it's estimated that there are more than 3,000 different types of essential oils that have been identified and used for various purposes. These essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants, including leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and bark, and each oil has its own unique properties, benefits", and of course smells.

The blending of these oils for health, wellbeing, and personal preference, is age old.

Much like the opening paragraph above, an AI response to my query " how many essential oils are there?" you can ask chatai to provide you with an essential oil recipe for relaxation, stress reduction, empowerment... whatever and you will get a simple blend of usually no more than five basic and universally available oils.

What chatai cannot do however, and what we do very well at Perfino, is to source the best quality sustainably farmed essential oils, including some specialty oils and absolutes which are not commonly available in small undiluted quantities, and which can cost upwards of £3000 a kg.

We expertly blend these premium oils using the techniques applied in perfumery, measuring in milligrams rather than drops; paying great attention to the top, middle and base notes to ensure that the "dry down", or residual scent after a period of time has elapsed, is still appealing, and making sure that the scent is good enough not just to smell in a room, but to wear.

So if you want a diffuser blend to suit your mood then chatai is super useful, but if you want something that is good enough to wear, off your skin, in a pendant, then we are happy to help 🌸