Scent, dementia, and happy memories
There is a close connection between the sense of smell and memory, with certain scents taking us right back to our earliest years. For those who suffer with Dementia, the inability to retain special moments can be both frustrating and upsetting.
A recent study by the Alzheimer’s Society delved deeper into the connection between smell and memories, revealing that even though dementia patients may not be able to recognise and name particular scents, they can still have the ability to evoke memories.
In the study, the participants couldn’t necessarily pinpoint the specific smells, but many were able to associate the scent with a time of their lives or an activity they enjoyed doing, such as woodland walks, gardening, or clean sheets. These heart-warming results highlight the power of scent in terms of re-connecting Dementia patients with special and happy memories of their past.
We have had feedback from customers to the effect that Perfino has added a dimension of pleasure to their elderly relatives, specifically in terms of sensory recall, and are delighted that we can give some joy to those whose worlds are often closing in.
May 01, 2023 — Kim Brookes