Taking care of your wellbeing in pregnancy
Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for many women, a time filled with excitement and anticipation, and new studies now focus on the importance of pregnant women prioritising their mental health, as well as looking after themselves physically. Taking care of your wellness and self-care during pregnancy is likely to yield benefits for sleep, stress management, and overall health.
Some of the most common physical and emotional challenges which are encountered on this journey can be alleviated by the power of scent. For example, Ginger and Cardamom can be excellent at helping to overcome nausea and morning sickness. Lavender and Neroli promote feelings of relaxation
and calmness for many, complemented by the energising and uplifting effects of Patchouli or Geranium.
Choosing natural cosmetics is highly recommended to safely avoid any harsh
chemicals that should perhaps not be used while pregnant, and opting to wear essential oil blends off the skin is an ideal solution for pregnant mothers who are concerned about how they might respond to chemicals in various fragrances, but still want to enjoy the mood enhancing benefits of scent.
April 24, 2023 — Kim Brookes