The effect that undetected allergies can have on medical procedures

BBC Radio 4 news reported this morning that "life changing allergies" can be triggered by some gel nail polishes, citing Dr. Deirdre Buckley, Consultant Dermatologist and allergy expert.

This has been reported on before, but this time the suggestion is that allergies created by the use of acrylised chemicals in the polishes, which can leech into the skin, can impact one's ability to undergo certain medical procedures - cataract removal, joint replacement, or dental work - in which acrylics are used.

This is more invidious if the allergies go undiagnosed, which is quite common.

Many products are legally on the market based on packaging and labelling warnings which are required by regulation, but which so many of us overlook in the context of  cosmetic products as we rush to get the benefits.

So, a wake up call for all of us to be careful what we put on our bodies, and to think hard before we use any product that goes onto our skin, the point being that we only have one body and we should look after it well 🌸 

April 14, 2023 — Kim Brookes