rose on perfino logo background

Our luxurious rose absolute comes from Russian Rosa Damascena flowers.

The flowers are hand picked in the early morning, before they open and release their precious scent. The petals are then pressed to produce a fat and the flower essence solvent extracted to deliver a wax, known as rose concrete. After another extraction the precious rose oil is created.

 Known as the queen of fragrances, rose absolute is justifiably expensive, as it can take around 1 metric ton of rose petals to produce 50ml of oil. The oil is very complex and impossible to mimic synthetically – sometimes you just can’t beat nature!

 Extremely fragrant, exuding an intense voluptuous, floral aroma, rose absolute is renown for its nurturing and comforting properties, as well as being a soothing, sensual aphrodisiac – you need this one in your life!