california poppies with perfino atomiser jewellery

There is much confusion in this area.

Everything is chemicals, down to the most benign H2O, and nature, as we all know, can be dangerous.

Thanks to the prominence of ESG, and I like to think, human goodwill, corporations are now striving to harmonise with our natural environment.

Take L’Oreal – the article below expands on how they strive towards green chemistry in synthesising ingredients of natural origin to improve or even sustain nature, duplicate rather than exploit.

At Perfino, we go one step further, using responsibly sourced 100% natural ingredients with a guarantee of absolutely no skin contact and therefore no safety issues. We do this for the rapidly growing conscious consumer who does not want to risk synthetic chemicals on their skin without knowing what they are. People are no longer satisfied with the reassurances of big corporations that their product is safe and contains no harmful ingredients. Quite wise in my opinion as we all have different body chemistry so how can anyone guarantee safety for all individuals.

The pioneering delivery method provided by Perfino ensures not only that no chemicals, natural or otherwise, touch the skin, but also that you know what is in the oil blend which is creating your personal scent. This is important precisely because of our individuality. So, if you can’t stand Neroli (and there are some out there), or if Frankincense makes you sneeze, full disclosure of ingredients makes it possible for you to navigate towards something that will deliver the joy of scent that we all crave.

Yes, chemical, yes natural, but importantly not delivered onto the skin/into the bloodstream, and putting you, the customer, back in charge.

July 06, 2022 — Kim Brookes