deep love essential oil blend by perfino

So inspiration finally struck out of the blue, as it usually does, and we are happy to announce the birth of our third blend …deep love

I wanted to create a blend led by Neroli as so many people love this fragrance, and a very stylish friend of mine once told me that it was his absolute favourite.

Much like Jasmine and Rose absolute, Neroli is at the pricey end of the spectrum as it is a delicate and hard to extract oil. Ours comes from Tunisia where the white blossom of the bitter orange tree is steam distilled. It is 100% pure, and not the Neroli light version which includes a commercial blend.

 I have added some Bergamot as a top note which compliments Neroli well and gives it lift, unsurprisingly as it is also from the citrus family, and then calmed it down a bit with my favourite Clary Sage at the heart. Clary Sage has a very calming effect, reminiscent of lazy days in the garden, and grounds the fragrance before it gets too high in the heavens.

To this exciting blend I have added my latest favourite (I have quite a few!), Amyris, another very classy oil, much like sandalwood, and ours comes from the exotic lands of Haiti.

And finally, finally (quite hard to stop but I think we have reached peak perfection here) a touch of Ylang Ylang. This gives the blend weight, longevity, and a subtle edge. 

All together this is my scent equivalent of deep love - flighty and joyful, with an element of calm relaxation and long lasting appeal. So to any one who wants to have this in their lives, or give it to someone with whom they share a deep love, I invite you to try it out and let me know how you get on.

January 13, 2021 — Kim Brookes