rose petals with perfino scented pendant

There is no law to say you have to give anyone a gift on Valentine’s day. It’s always nice to give or receive flowers, and perhaps a card, anonymous or “pretend” anonymous usually goes down a treat, but I’m beginning to think that this is the year that your loved one deserves something really special, as do you.

Your options are quite limited if you are locked down, which it looks like you could well be. Thank goodness for the postal service which is actually quite incredible in the UK, as anyone who has lived abroad will know. 

So it looks like it’s going to be an online purchase, which means you can give something lovely even if you can’t be there to get a thank you hug. Personally I find flowers through the post a bit of a gamble as I have had some horrible, wilting experiences, leaving you with the dilemma of pretending that they are better than they are. In this day of zoom calls you could well be caught out here, so watch it!

Something to eat – boring; to drink – aren’t we doing too much of that already? To wear – hmm, I think we may have learnt our lesson there over Christmas where the returns facility has become a godsend. To do – well, there’s not much except Netflix in my world right now. To smell? That’s what I thought, but now I know how bad putting a concoction of chemicals on our skin can be, it’s not going to be perfume.

So to nudge you in the right direction Perfino has just launched a new blend, called …deep love which couldn’t say it better. So a gift which is original, thoughtful, kind to people and planet, that looks and smells great. I feel a big hug coming on.


January 18, 2021 — Kim Brookes