mini scent cards

When the whole world is striving for sustainability and a circular economy why are we still using little plastic/metal/glass scent vials as testers? You can't pull them apart easily which makes them not recyclable, something many fragrance brands won't tell you or don't care to mention.

I can see the attraction of having a small amount of fragrance to keep in one's bag or luggage, but at what cost to the planet?

So we decided to find another way for people to smell the Perfino house blends in a way that is completely compostable, and are leading the way in the hope that others will follow.

Our mini scent cards contain a compostable scent blotter infused with one of our blends with full ingredients disclosure on the card so you know what you are smelling. The fragrance is sealed in a biofilm bag made of corn starch and again, completely compostable.

We also include in the pack a card with a QR code which takes you to the Perfino Private Members Club on Facebook (free to join when you subscribe) so you can let us know what you think of our essential oil blends - good and bad! This will help us blend to your taste so everyone gets a say in the mixing studio.

We continue to do our utmost to protect the planet and bring you joy 🌺


May 11, 2021 — Kim Brookes