essential oil bottles

Perfino evolved from a deep respect for the planet, a passion for natural scents, and a trip to the fragrance markets of Cochin. We all want to smell great, but in a way that does right by the planet, helps sustain local artisans and farmers, and is clean and safe for us to use.

So our skilled artisan jewellery designers came up with a design for a natural scent pendant made from 100% solid recycled silver.

Inside the pendant sits a lava stone which comes from….lava! These stones are straight from mother earth and are designed, by her, to last forever!

We have expertly, and exquisitely, blended pure essential oils to drop onto the stone so you can enjoy the scent all day long – creating your own personal wellbeing bubble. All our oils are ethically and sustainably sourced from farms, fields and forests, by farmers that we know and want to support.

We believe that "less is more", that subtlety rules, that scent is for the benefit of the wearer not the room. Our ambition is to commission more designs and blends and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so we can continue to create worthwhile jewellery, joy and jobs.

Thank you for being here now.

Kim - Founder