model jen wearing the perfino pendant
Jen started her Instagram account (@saveplanetforkidsfuture) because her daughter was growing up to be a climate activist. Jen lives with the planet in mind and uses her Instagram account to educate people on sustainable living. 
1. What is something that helps you unwind and relax after a long day?

Listening to my favourite orite playlist, singing along flatly and dancing around like an idiot. Or just wrapping up in bed and reading a book (on these cold winter days).

2 What are your favourite sustainable brands?

Beside Perfino, I experienced Inaska and Oceanmata to be very down-to-earth und customer-friendly brands. Since I'm based in Germany, I could name some more German ones but I know, they are growing in the UK too and that's an amazing development!

3. What do you love about Perfino?

I love the unique concept combining delicate jewellery with a fragrance of choice. Every woman can make the piece totally her own with the scent she loves.

4. Are there any books you would recommend that focus on sustainable living?

I have to admit, that I don't read much books about sustainable living. Books are my "hiding place" and I prefer reading for joy.

5. What are your must have sustainable products?

Green investments, long-lasting items, and less-of-it-all

6. What are your favourite scents?

I love the Power-On fragrance composition. But I do enjoy citrus fruits and rosemary a lot, too.
Thank you Jen ♻️ 🌎 
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