"Thanks to Kim at Perfino for believing in the students"

Of all the lovely things said since I started Perfino this comment really resonates with me...particularly as working with students has without exception been so very enjoyable, and a boon for the brand. Shout out to Bristol Uni, UWE, Exeter Uni, Boomsatsuma college and 25modelmanagement. 

So, if you haven't yet taken on an intern or called up your local college, school, or University Careers office to offer work experience opportunities I suggest you do it right now. In my experience there is no downside. You can have a meaningful impact on someone's future career and personal development.

What many of us might consider run of the mill tasks - getting to grips with shopify apps, creating and posting on social media, new product development or design challenges for upgrades, when put together with the multitude of online resources that can be linked to real world activities - it all creates great content for student c.v's, helping to show that the student not only works hard but shows initiative, turns up, has emotional and business intelligence, is creative in dealing with real world challenges or problems. As a small business you can make a real difference, and it has to be one of the great privileges of running your own business.

And then there is our recent experience with Boomsatsuma College and their fabulous Photography/videography students who completely got the brief and the brand, demonstrated all sorts of creativity, knocked it out of the park and made a fantastic team with our model, who was also looking for opportunities to build her portfolio.

It's not often you get a win win situation but this one is out there for the taking.




May 23, 2024 — Kim Brookes