pine forest trees

I'm not alone in my love of forests and they really do seem to come into their own at this time of year. So for November's mix I have had a trip around the world to bring together a few of the best forest scents.

The scent of Cedarwood and Cypress are both considered to be balsamic. This word comes from the Latin meaning fragrant balm, and is typically applied to sweet, soft, warm fragrances. Cedarwood typically grows in the Himalayas and the Mediterranean, and Cypress is a classic part of the Tuscan landscape. They work really well together to make quite a masculine scent, but when you add some Sandalwood they are immediately softened.

Sandalwood is the most expensive ingredient we've used in the mixing studio. After it was exploited close to extinction in India, the growing of Sandalwood trees by individuals was banned in 2002. Now you can grow it in India but not harvest it. Ours is sourced sustainably by fully managed plantations in Australia.

Sandalwood is soft and long lasting and works well with intense florals like Jasmine, and here we've included a small amount of the intensely floral Ylang Ylang to ground the mix and lessen the woody impact, and a heap of Mandarin as a top note to lift the entirety out of the woods and to pull it away from the acrid towards the sweet and perfumed. We LOVE this scent, so do please let us know if you are on the same page by adding a review comment here

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November 04, 2021 — Kim Brookes