Fragrance Inclusivity through Innovation - The Fragrance Foundation December 2023 issue

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"New Fragrance Horizons

This emerging British sensation is on a mission to redefine fragrance accessibility and inclusivity.

Pioneering a unique approach, Perfino aims to restore the joy of scent to those affected by allergies and sensitivities...challenging traditional perceptions of perfume by intertwining scent and wearability through jewelry...Perfino stands out as one of the first exciting fragrance brands venturing into innovative realms. " 

Interview below:

  • What does the power of fragrance mean to you?
My opinion of this has evolved over the years. When I was younger it was all about image and sophistication. I loved the compliments and the confidence fragrance gave me. But things have moved on, particularly post covid. People aren’t so comfortable “sharing air” now, particularly if there is a risk of this triggering an allergic response. And with allergies on the rise and the wearing of perfume in public places now the subject of legal disputes, everything has changed.
I believe that it’s all about the wearer now and the effect fragrance has on them - more about mood than image, whether their fragrance calms, energizes or whatever. So fragrance remains super powerful in how it affects people but the impact has drawn closer to the wearer.
  • As a British fragrance brand, what role does the British Fragrance Industry and its heritage play for Perfino?
I am very proud and excited to be a tiny part of the British fragrance industry, and strongly believe that we have all the necessary components in play to be a world leader.
Our heritage in terms of botanical knowhow is fantastic - natural history is something the UK excels in, and as perfume is based on botanical ingredients we have played a major role in the evolution of fragrances. Now, as a global economy, natural ingredients are sourced from all over the world but the appreciation and various uses of botanicals in the UK is steeped in history.
  • What sparked the creation of Perfino?
I have always been obsessed with fragrance. I studied French at University, lived in Paris for a year and have spent a lot of time in Provence. I saw how hard it was for our super talented UK artisan perfumers to get shelf space and attention so wanted to help them innovate by way of “wearable” perfume in the form of jewellery. 
As I evolved this concept I immersed myself in the industry and came to love the natural raw ingredients - essential oils - and the wellbeing impact they have on top of the joy of scent.
At the same time I became aware of fragrance allergies and the impact ethanol has on greenhouse gasses. So Perfino is the culmination of a love of fragrance, a desire to provide an alternative delivery mechanism for fragrance lovers, and a deep respect for the planet which gives us such amazing botanical ingredients to work with.
  • What research did you undertake to develop Perfino, considering how it bridges well-being with both the jewelry and fragrance industries?
I have been researching the perfume industry for over 7 years now, and evolving Perfino for 6 of these years. I work with a very talented jewellery designer in Wales. Together we tried many iterations before we selected the Perfino pendant. It was really important that it was top quality, designed to last a lifetime.
I have also trained with and met a wide selection of artisan perfumers and aromatherapy experts. I use the knowledge gained in the creation of perfume and apply it to creating my blends. Much like cooking, this can take years to perfect, and I still have a way to go. In 2024 I will be working with a perfume nose under the discipline of using only natural essential oils and isolates in Perfino’s new range.
My background is in International Corporate Finance, various entrepreneurial endeavours and advising/ supporting graduate start ups. I set up a high tech/high growth graduate start up incubator in Bristol which I ran for 3 years before I turned my attention fully to Perfino, and constantly apply my own learnings to how I am growing the brand.
  • Scent takes center stage through the festive season, both for fragrance lovers and also those who might be affected by various parosmia. How does Perfino address the diverse needs and preferences of these audiences?
Perfino is inclusive at its core. We provide an alternative delivery mechanism for all those who find it tricky to wear perfume on their skin, but, as we all do, love great fragrances. Our fan base is very diverse in all contexts, the common denominator being the love of fragrance.
I have developed 3 blends to wear in the Perfino pendant but we actively encourage people to use their own blends and experiment as we all have such different preferences. I have customers who can’t smell but want to wear a pleasant fragrance in a subtle way for fear of overtaking the room. I have sold to a horse whisperer who wears Frankincense in her pendant to help calm the horses, and one who wears Perfino’s …and breathe blend when she visits her mother in law so she remains utterly zen!
  • Can you guide us through Perfino's scented offering?
The Perfino offering is led by our natural scent pendant, available in solid recycled silver or 18ct gold vermeil, which is 5 layers of gold on top of the solid silver. We have 18” or 24” chains, all of which are extendable for those who love to layer their jewellery. Each pendant comes with 6 lava stones - naturally porous stones. You can select one of Perfino’s 3 essential oil blends - simply one drop on the lava stone will give you a wonderful scent all day long in your own wellbeing bubble. People select the blend based on how they want to feel - calm, energised, dreamy - or buy with no oils and can use their own.
  • What are your top tips for looking after both the pendants and the oils, and making the most out of them?
The pendants have an e-coating to protect them from the essential oils, but as with all precious metal jewellery it is best to look after them well, and perhaps occasionally wipe the chains with a silver cleaning cloth to keep it sparkly.
Oils last on average for a couple of years, but will last longest if you keep them in a cool, dark place. 
  • Finally, we'd love to know: which scents and aromas will be prominent in your home and creative studio throughout the festive season?
My absolute favourite scent is rose, which lends itself to so many fabulous combinations, no matter what the season. The joy of essential oils is that you can bring summer into the house at any time of year. So even though my rooms and cooking may exude cinnamon, cardamom and orange, I will forever be in the sun!







December 04, 2023 — Kim Brookes