Essential Oil Blending Set no.3


Create your own scent heaven with Grapefruit, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

The Perfino blending sets offer a wonderful way to enter the world of natural scent and to create your own personal blends.

The set comprises 10ml of a top, mid, and base note pure essential oil, along with cards giving information on each of the oils, and a recipe card with 3 blending suggestions.

The set also includes a mixing bottle along with tester strips for sampling your blends as they evolve, bottle seals to secure your blend when it is is complete, and bottle labels.

Do not put the oils or blend directly onto your skin, but enjoy it dropped sparingly onto pillow, tissue, mask, lava stone, atomiser ...or on your Perfino pendant.

Each set includes a 15% discount code for buying a Perfino pendant.